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    March 2014 2058 1031
    February 2014 1895 890
    January 2014 3453 1358
    December 2013 4242 1734
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    September 2013 1072 590
    August 2013 731 335
    July 2013 288 144
    June 2013 335 147
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    April 2013 623 307
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    January 2013 471 197
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    June 2009 164 122
    May 2009 462 301
    April 2009 450 297
    March 2009 559 373
    February 2009 510 218
    January 2009 611 306
    December 2008 671 372
    November 2008 799 386
    October 2008 1251 386
    September 2008 1658 518
    August 2008 791 377
    July 2008 601 369
    June 2008 770 423
    May 2008 1420 581
    April 2008 3467 1103
    March 2008 5547 1908
    February 2008 5414 2098
    January 2008 2678 1225
    December 2007 1681 831
    November 2007 571 382
    October 2007 283 203
    September 2007 337 258
    August 2007 707 374
    July 2007 540 345
    June 2007 817 246
    May 2007 320 170
    April 2007 186 88
    March 2007 9 6


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  • Thus Spake Kautilya (Cont'd.)

    All the King's men then convened in the Royal Study. However, so did the Dongres and the Greek Historians and others. Chandragupta was ready and waiting for them.

    "Dear assembled ones. Please try to give me a chance to explain to you the country and customs of Chine' as has been explained to me by noble Kautilya before we set sail. The Kingdom of Chine' and India have long-held cultural links which have grown over a very very long period of time...Already, somewhere along the way until here I have had the occasion to observe to you that it is trade which is the fulcrum of harmonious relations between nations and that trade is the prime mover behind cultural relations of any sort. Of that, there has been some between India and the Kingdom of Chine' and more is needed to fill the coffers of Magadha!

    It is hence, that I must enjoin upon all of you, that it is not only our stated purpose, but also a great imperative of ours, that during this visit to Chine', we generate trade between our two kingdoms! Cultural relations should follow as a by-product or a side-effect! You do not need to pursue culture per se to generate good cultural relations!"

    Kautilya, "Sire, Sire. Be wise, be kind. Prithee, I am still writing my Arthashatra! Thus far, I have not found it at all possible to say anything of consequence about the Magadhan State or Rajya's cultural policy. Please be so kind as to explain this point a bit further, Sire?"

    Chandragupta, "Wise of you to say that, Lord Kautilya. Very wise. Culture is all, innit?
    Now let's all be seated first. yes, please all may sit! Now. Let's see how we may resolve this problem which as I see it is a very simple one! In the expansion of our dominions from Pataliputra to Gandhara and Gandhara to Pana Ji, we have encountered numerous peoples, whose rahan-sahan so to speak, differs vastly from that of the people of our glorious city...This is, so to speak for a start in considering, the cultural variations of the peoples of Bharatvarsha!"

    Megasthenes, "Sire, Sire. But I have already written about this in my Indica!"

    Kautilya, "What? Oh no!"

    Chandragupta, "Oh yes. And a bit flakey too good Lord Megasthenes. Your account is!"

    Kautilya breaks into an uncontrollable laughter until tears of joy run from his eyes.

    Megasthenes, "Flakey? How do you mean flakey, Sire?"

    Chandragupta, "Well Flakey as in flakey flakey. What else. Listen Lord Megasthenes out here in the 4th century B.C. we are all still very far away from devices as copyrights and copyrighting sorts of turns of phrase. Why on earth did you have to in your account of India have to refer to such Indian peoples as have elephantine ears and such impossible things as gold-digging ants? I see very clearly that for eons to come writing in Brahmi shall remain wholly anonymous...!"



    Thank you.


  • Gambuda (Cont'd.)

    "You're both about as daft as anybody else here. Anyways, that is explained by the fact that Zinj-floor or no-Zinj-floor, whatever your respective data relating with your doctoral dissertations have been uncovered here, that notwithstanding, we are already super-duper for having travelled to and reached the Planet Mars safely!

    Now we have to worry about the progress of our other doctoral astronauts and the progress of their research here and to ultimately get you all back home as safely as we have travelled here."

    That said Banta Singh spoke rapidly into his mike.

    "Calling all astronauts. Calling all astronauts. Update your progress. Update your progress."

    Ganesh Gupta of the medicine shop fame was the first astronaut to call in to Santa's radio-message.

    "Ganesh checking-in, Sir. I have something very interesting to report. Martian gravitational pull is not evenly spread, Sir!"

    "What? But that sounds completely absurd, young man! have you checked your results?"

    "Well, preliminary results yes! I'm in a Gorge-like formation not far from the Gambuda, Sir. Would you like to drop-by for a first-hand look?"

    "Hang-on. I shall be right-along."

    Thereafter, Santa gave the Zinj-floor area and the astronauts there a warm look which suggested that his psychological endeavour of assessing reality and hyperreality displacements were already returning very rich dividends, and that he was enormously happy at having collected this much data already, he moved to making his way to this new location.


    Santa Singh's Mars Walk to where Ganesh Gupta had made this exciting discovery was hampered only by the impediment posed by an undulating surface which finally gave way to a gentle slope leading into an enormous Gorge which could have be carved only by high energy. Such as a once existing river of enormous proportions. Tectonics yes. Tectonics. I must read more about that, thought Santa, as he located Ganesh Gupta by the glimmer of his uniform or rather his Mars Space Suit. The glimmer came from the light reflecting off his visor.

    Presently Santa reached this spot where Ganesh was hunched next to a boulder right next to what seemed like the old course of a stream long lost.

    Santa Singh, "Now what do we have here, eh Ganesh? By way of evidence of varying gravitational pull on planet Mars? Show me."

    Ganesha Gupta, "These particular stratigraphic deposits, Sir." He beckoned hastily toward what seemed to be a river-section. "They are all from the Martian Ice-Age, but they are not all within the same strata, where they ought to be! Look at this one, then that one and then that one, there!"

    Santa walked closer to where Ganesh stood gesticulating. Then he followed the line of vision to where Ganesh was pointing shaking his arms furiously. He couldn't believe his eyes.

    "Yes, yes. I believe you. But then this era belongs to Martian Prehistory. At present the gravitational field is all uniform, isn't it? However, what other supporting evidence is there eh Ganesh, if any?"

    Ganesh Gupta, "Well, Sir! This is just a doctoral project or assignment thus and therefore won't you allow a bit of a flukey sort of deduction?"

    Santa, "Oh. I see! Back to the Oh. 'How do you know that I may be right?' sort of syllogism. Well. You see my friend, out here on Mars we are methodologically already almost entirely flukey in our approach, as we are willy-nilly trying to read the Martian data, in terms of our earth categories, for Martian phenomenon. So, I would suggest we do actually cut down the speculative bit, wouldn't you say, Ganesh?"

    Ganesha hides a smile and then comes back with something new.

    "Well, Sir! That Zinj find!"

    "What about it, me lad?"

    "Sir, I only heard about it over the thirty-way transponder based communication mikes about it."


    "Sir, could you possibly describe something of the find to me?"

    "Yeah. Sure thing!"

    It took Santa just a few short seconds to remember.

    "Well. It was much better preserved than the Mary Leakey specimen and this is on account that Mars has not known any tropics of our Earth sort. There is a complete skeleton there. As far as I could guess!"



    Thank you.


  • Benaras (Cont'd.)

    "Oh! Lagta Hai ki nahin padhi hai! Chaliye, koi baat nahin hai. Main hi bata deta hoon ki maine kyun aise charcha chedee Hai...Gaur talab baat yeh hai ki apni is kriti ke anyanya patron ke madhyam se Shakespeare Mahoday ne bhanti-bhanti ke manaviya mulyon per charca kee hai...Sarva Pratham ki yudh ki paristhiti rajya-vyavastha ke liye zaroori to hai, parantu isse rajya ki arthvyavastha par bura prabhav padta hai! To ye baat Shakespeare Mahodaya ne solahveen shatabdi ke vishesh sandarbha main samjhaya hai ke yudh a pracheen vyavastha ka abhinna ang rahi hogi, lekin two wrongs do not a right make! Is alp natika main hum dekhte hain ki kayee kayee raje rajwade aye aur gaye, aye aur gaye, lekin yudh ki paristhithi kisi samasya ka vikalp nahin hai...One hundred years war, the war of roses, ityadi ityadi! Tatkaleen europe ke andar, Shakespeare mahoday ne ye darshaya hai ki Dharm aur Rajneeti ka vilay kin kin dush pravrttiyon se kisi ek rajya ko prabhavit kar sakta hai.

    Lekin sach maniye to hamare is Banaras main dharm ke naam pe sirf ek hi dharm raha hai aur aur rahega...voh kya hai? voh kya hai?

    Ek doosron ka munh dekte rahana. din bhar. Bas tukur tukur ek doosron ka munh dekhte rahiye aur aur shaam ko ghar vapas aur bibi bachchon se ye kehiye ki vah aaj to bahut kam kiya hai. Aaaj ka din to bahut hi acha gaya. Bas pucho hi mat...ayen? Aise kaise chalega. Aise kab tak chalega?

    Aaiye hum sab mil kar vichar karen...Rjgar ke liye agar kuch padhna hai to kitaben padhnee chahiye ya doosron ke cheheron ke lakshan?! Are is se to behetar hai ki koyi sociology ya anthropology padh le? Ayen? Kamse kam rojgar to mil jayega"

  • The Ancestor (Cont'd.)

    Once outside of her office, she called her driver and asked him to ready the fieldwork jeep for a day-trip. He would join him at her office within the hour ready for travel. Shen she returned to thinking about the Foraminimfera impressions on the fossils from Demba Hills. Admittedly, these were microscopic. But how on earth did these South African plants of the ancient period find themselves in this part of India. Did the Gondwanaland hypothesis actually work. Was there a Tethys Sea. How did continental drift take place. For a young entrant into professional palaeobotany these were exciting questions. Finding real evidence for what was only in theory after classroom lectures she had attended at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.

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